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Our Experts Can Repair, Enhance, Protect
& Manage Your Online Reputation.

Today almost every consumer & business will search a Company’s online business reviews before making a buying decision.

A Company’s online reviews can mean the difference between a Company that is flourishing with growth or one that is losing prospects, sales & money.
Having a strong online presence isn’t just a smart idea its essential in todays fast paced competitive environment.
Strong positive reviews increase your ranking & online presence attracting more prospects. It gives confidence to prospects to buy from that Business or Professional increasing your conversions.

When google & other search engines index your online presence they rate your listing based on the negative, the positive & the number of reviews. If your not standing out with great reviews you stand to lose both prospects & sales.

What We Do


We perform a comprehensive analysis of Google search results to ensure all negative content is identified and accounted for.


Our staff of professionals with years of experience deeply cares about the results you obtain from our work. We take great pride seeing our clients flourish with positive online results.


We connect you to high ranking sites to improve your ranking in search engines. As the Positive reviews start to add up you begin to see more positive results over time.


We develop new sites & offer website maintenance to existing websites. We also enhance communication installing Webchat on your site.

More About Us

Our staff of professionals with years of experience deeply cares about the results you obtain from our work. We take great pride seeing our clients flourish with positive online results. Our staff at Consumer Reporting want you to be so happy with the results that you recommend your fellow business associates & friends.

At Consumer Reporting we care about each & every business owner we speak to regarding their public reviews. We fully understand your reasons for wanting to get a top notch reputation to enhance your business. We strive to reach the highest levels of satisfaction of all our clients. We own & control the most powerful software in the Industry combined with our Years of working with small & large Companies to improve their public reputation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I wanted to get my share of leads that I wasn’t getting & decided to call your Company.  After 4 years on the internet I wasn’t getting any inquiry’s  & was referred by a family member. I wasn’t getting traction on any of the search engines.  I contacted them and decided to give it a chance. After a few months I am very impressed with the service. I get sales inquiry’s & sales seem to have picked up.

June 19 2019

My Company wanted to thank you for the education you gave me and helping to get my share of business off the internet. I didn’t believe I could get all these forms with prospects but the proof is in the pudding.

April 2018

Jack was very helpful & I appreciate his patience. I bought the listings & reviews which has transformed my online business. Its like someone put a open sign on my window`. Thanks I will continue the reviews & recommend you to friends & family.

August 2019

After 21 years in business I now have positive reviews thanks to Consumers Reporting & their knowledgeable staff. I will refer friends but not my competition.

Dec 2018

My wife & I want to express our appreciation for your services. Last year we were barely marginable & with your Companys help we are now profitable. I will continue your service as we see all the reviews coming in & our ranking has improved. My wife tells me the sales became easier which she attributes to your services, thanks again.

Jan 2019

My marketing dept. told me to get with you guys to improve our sales ranking on the search engines. Just wanted to say thanks for the work you did we do see our sites improving their rankings. We also see a increase in forms coming in form our sites. Looking to continue as we have high hopes working with your Company.

Feb 2019

Our web guy recommended you to do surveys for positive reviews. Once we started we bought listings & reviews now we see the surveys kicking in. Our stars are lighting up the internet & our phones are ringing. Thank you Consumers Reporting.

Sept 2019

This is a brief note about your services. We started in May 2018 and today we are on the first page of google, MSN & Yahoo thanks to your amazing tech people. Just want to say thanks for doing what you said you would. I would recommend you to any Company that wants to get ahead of the competition on the internet.

Oct 2019

Our Company has been on the web for the past 14 years. We never thought we could rely on get enough leads from google. We tried over 5 web Company’s that never made the difference your Company has had on our sales & conversions. We have 22 people selling on the phones & they tell me the sales since we started getting all these reviews have become a lot easier to close. It seems the positive number of reviews is giving people confidence in us that we never had before. Thanks again.

Aug 2019